Meeting 1

Host: Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Warsaw)

Dates: 15th-16th November 2016

No. of participants: 11 (2 from host & 9 from partner universities: Copenhagen – 2; EULS – 2, ISARA – 1, Munster – 1, Italy – 1, Madrid – 1, Uni Kassel – 1)

Agenda: Introduction by Prof. Ewa Rembiałkowska and Dr. Dominika Średnicka-Tober; Short self-presentation of project partners; Presentation & discussion of the agreements to be signed between each Partner Institution and the Coordinators; Presentation & discussion of the project aims & work programme; Discussion of the questionnaire for students (see O1-A1) [a survey on the expectations and needs of students towards educational modules/topics/methods within the subject of sustainable food system in the study programmes/courses]; Discussion on the table of contents of the Booklet on sustainable food system concept (O2) & distribution of tasks; Discussion of the project website and Facebook profile; Initial discussion of e-learning platform, materials & methods – distribution of topics of video lectures; Discussion of procedures of students selection for the project educational activities; Summary of the meeting.

Meeting programme: SUSPLUS TPM 1-programme