Meeting 4

The 4th Transnational SUSPLUS Meeting organizer: Münster University of Applied Sciences;

Location of the meeting: Kassel, Germany.

Dates: 13-14 II 2018

No. of participants: 15

Agenda: Welcome from the organizers (prof. Carola Strassner); Introduction by prof. Ewa Rembiałkowska; The work program for 2017 & 2018 – reminder; Discussion of the final results of the survey (O1); Report of each partner on the students’ cooperation with enterprises (O10); Report of each partner on the students’ lectures at schools (O11); Common agreement on the contents & formats of the reports on students’ cooperation with enterprises & students’ lectures at schools; Report on the possibilities of implementation of the project modules into regular teaching schedule
of universities; Discussion of the report on the E-learning module & Intensive Study Programme ‚Sustainable Food Systems & Diets (O6); Discussion of the programme of conferences E2-E9 (multiplier events).

Meeting programme: SUSPLUS TPM 4-programme