SUS+ Cookbook

Additional Output of the Project – SUSPLUS Cookbook

Here you can find the SUSPLUS cookbookWorldwide national dishes – a sustainable approach from seventeen different countries” inspired by the outcomes of the SUSPLUS workshop „Sustainability of National Dishes” organized during the project Intensive Study Programme in Kiry.

Within the ‚Sustainability of National Dishes’ subject, also called ‚A personal approach to sustainable diet’, each student had a task to select one traditional national dish typical for his/her country & analyse it looking at different sustainability aspects. As our course participants represented 17 different nationalities, we all learned a lot about food culture in different regions of the world. The students National Dish presentations, serving as abackground for the SUSPLUS Cookbook, are available here:

National Dish Workshop-Ratatouille-Maxime Le Roux National Dish Workshop-Pork roast with sauerkraut & pumpkin-Mariana Maante National Dish Workshop-Pepes Ikan-Hanum Hapsari National Dish Workshop-Mujadarah-Diana Ismael National Dish Workshop-Milk rice-Rocío Alvear González National Dish Workshop-Meatballs with potatoe puré and lingonberry jam-Philip Linander National Dish Workshop-Kenyan sukuma wiki-Duncan Okech National Dish Workshop-Hash Brown-Thomas Knorr National Dish Workshop-Fried plantain and bean-Tracy K. Phillips National Dish Workshop-Fraênkischer Zwiebelkuchen-Magdalena Becker National Dish Workshop-Eggplant parmigiana-Davide Fede National Dish Workshop-Bun Nem-Hang Vu Thi Thu National Dish Workshop-Bratkartoffeln und Krñuterquark-Sofia Berlinghof National Dish Workshop-Brasato al Barolo con Polenta-Maximilian Rhys Henkel National Dish Workshop-Blaue Zipfel-Eva Hansel National Dish Workshop-Blanquette of veal-Clarisse Loaec National Dish Workshop-Biryani-Tooba Jamil National Dish Workshop-Baozi-Yao Chen National Dish Workshop-Żurek-Marianna Sułek National Dish Workshop-Tortelli di zucca mantovani-Gloria Passuello National Dish Workshop-Thanksgiving meal-Will de Montmollin National Dish Workshop-Stegt flæsk-Jane Petersen National Dish Workshop-Spanish omelette-Sonsoles Moreno National Dish Workshop-Spanish Migas-Alejandro Villamayor National Dish Workshop-Smørrebrød-Per Kirkbak National Dish Workshop-Santiagos Cake-Sara Lozano National Dish Workshop-Rougail saucisse-Pierre Pairain National Dish Workshop-Reindeer Stew-Marianne Erichsen

On the last day of the Intensive Study Programme students were cooking their national dishes in the premises of Warsaw University of Life Sciences, and culinary evening was organised. This multi-cultural culinary event was undoubtedly an enriching and interesting experience, for both the students and the participating lecturers.