O1 – Analysis of students’ understanding of the ‚Sustainable food system’ and expectations towards education within this subject area.

This has been an international survey on the expectations and needs of students towards educational modules/topics/methods within the subject of sustainable food system in the study programmes/courses. The survey has been done in each of the 8 Universities participating in the project (altogether more than 700 entries). At this stage data per country have been analysed & elaborated in the form of country presentations. The report draft has been prepared. It is expected that the final IO will be ready by 31st December 2017.

Steps taken towards development of the Output: O1-A1: Preparation and translation of a questionnaire (on-line + printed questionnaire in English and every partner’s language) [9.2016-12.2016]; O1-A2: Carrying out survey [1.2017-3.2017]; O1-A3: Analysis of the results [3.2017-4.2017]; O1-A4: Discussion of the results during the 2nd project meeting in Germany [4.2017]; O1-A5: Writing a joint international report (in English) [4.2017-8.2017
– will be continued till 12.2017].

The output files can be found here:

Questionnaire: Susplus_survey

Survey results:

O1 results Estonia

O1 results Munster, Germany

O1 results Kassel, Germany

O1 results Italy

O1 results France

O1 results Denmark

O1 results Spain

O1 results Poland