O12 Analysis

O12 – Analysis: Concept for implementing Sustainable Food System including Sustainable Diet in curricula and existing study programmes of partner universities

The O12 output comprises of a comprehensive analysis of possibilities, perspectives, strategies & limitations for implementing the Sustainable Food System topics, and particularly the modules (e-learning, summer course, small research projects, lectures at schools), materials, tools and approaches, used and tested within the SUSPLUS project, into curricula and existing study programmes of all partner Universities. The authors describe the actions taken so far, as well as the first successes, in implementing the Sustainable Food System, including Sustainable Diet and Organic Food System topics, in different education programmes and activities. At the end, a selection of SUSPLUS outcomes, with a high potential for further dissemination and implementation by university lecturers and other educators working in the area of sustainable food systems, has been presented.

The O12 Output is available here: SUSPLUS_O12_Analysis of further implementation possibilities