O14 Report

O14 – Report on Innovative teaching activities in SUSPLUS project 

This Output refers to all SUSPLUS educational activities: e-learning module, Intensive Study Programme ‘Sustainable Food Systems and Diets’, Lectures of Students in schools and Small Research Projects in cooperation with enterprises.

This joint report describes the contents, timeline, group of students and lecturers involved, undertaken tasks/specific topics, results of the evaluation of students’ and lecturers’ feedback, photographic documentation, and finally, the most spectacular outcomes of these activities. Outputs O3, O4 and O5 have been also summarized in the chapters of this report. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the teaching activities has been done, and a set of recommendations on how to organise similar initiatives has been developed by the project consortium.

The O14 output is available here: SUSPLUS_O14-Report of innovative teaching activities

O14-Part 1: Report on E-learning & Intensive Study Programme: SUSPLUS O14-Part 1

O14-Part 2: Report on Small Research Projects: SUSPLUS O14-Part 2

O14-Part 3: Report on Lectures in Schools: SUSPLUS O14-Part 3