O3 E-learning

O3 – E-learning module ‚Sustainable Food Systems & Diets’

This output is composed of a number of educational materials developed within the SUSPLUS project to be further used in any on-line courses within the topics related to sustainable food system. This includes a set of video lectures, presentations, on-line quizzes, ‘Hotspots’, and self-presentations of lecturers.

The set of materials was tested in the SUSPLUS project during the Absalon-based on-line course coordinated by the University of Copenhagen. The e-learning was an introductory phase for the following Intensive Study Programme (summer course), therefore the covered topics had an aim to give the students background knowledge and prepare them to the topics that were wider discussed during the summer course.

The output includes, among the others, 14 video lectures and 6 short hotspots recorded with the representatives of a number of key organisations and movements as well as company founders supporting the organic and sustainable food systems in different regions of the world.

Complete O3 output is available here: SUSPLUS_O3_E-learning module

All the O3 files are available on the ‚SUSPLUS Education’ -> „E-learning” project subpage: http://susplus.eu/susplus-education/e-learning/.