O5 ISP Materials

O5 – Educational materials for the Intensive Study Programme ‘Sustainable Food Systems & Diets’

This output comprises of a number of educational materials developed & tested within the SUSPLUS Intensive Study Programme ‘Sustainable Food Systems & Diets’, to be further used in any educational activities within the topics related to sustainable food system. This includes, among the others, a set of lectures (presentations) and workshop descriptions.

Complete O5 output is available here: SUSPLUS_O5_Summer course educational materials


SUSPLUS Lecture Mathieu Desole – Value based food supply chains. Examples in France

SUSPLUS Lecture Teresa Briz – Improving the food value chain: Methodology and case studies

SUSPLUS Lecture Ewa Rembiałkowska – Sustainable food production and diets for a green Europe

SUSPLUS Lecture Dominika Średnicka-Tober – Environment, farm systems & product quality

SUSPLUS Lecture Sundeep Kamath – Diet for a green planet & GSB Cook Book 550

SUSPLUS Lecture Eve Veromann – Sustainable plant production

SUSPLUS Lecture Angelika Ploeger – Organic food quality and food culture

SUSPLUS Lecture Susanne Bugel –  Can Dairy products be part of a healthy, sustainable diet?

Workshop syllabuses:

SUSPLUS_WORKSHOP_Quality Assessment by tasting – A. Ploeger

SUSPLUS_WORKSHOP_Creative Problem Solving – C. Strassner

SUSPLUS_WORKSHOP_Analysis of the Food Value Chain – T. Briz

SUSPLUS_WORKSHOP_Farming and Food Systems Analysis – A. Wezel, P. Migliorini

SUSPLUS_WORKSHOP_Value Based Food Supply Chains – M. Desole

SUSPLUS_WORKSHOP_Systems Thinking and Foodservice Exercise – C. Strassner

SUSPLUS_WORKSHOP_Systems Thinking and Foodservice-additional material – C. Strassner

Syllabus of the whole Intensive Study Programme forming the Intellectual Output O4 of the SUSPLUS project can be found here: SUSPLUS O4 Syllabus

Programme of the course is available here: SUSPLUS ISP Programme

More information about SUSPLUS Intensive Study Programme can be found on the following project website sub-page:

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