O7 SRP Programme

O7 – Programme of the Small Research Projects

SUSPLUS O7 Intellectual Output comprises of a general programme of the Students Small Research Projects (SRP), organized in all SUSPLUS partner countries between October 2017 and April 2018. SRP involved students & stakeholders active in the area of the sustainable food systems. Students’ task was to define the sustainability issues (including many perspectives), evaluate the system & identify space for improvement, find alternative solutions or best practice models. Students were supervised by lecturers from their home universities.

O7 presents a general programme of the SUSPLUS SRP describing background, content, aims, work modes and learning tools, cooperation between students and supervisors, time needed to conduct the course, assessment, credits, enrollment, number of participants, language of the course, target groups, and teachers. The programme was individually adjusted according to the specific situation, possibilities and needs of particular partner Universities.

The O7 Intellectual Output is available here: SUSPLUS_O7_Programme of Small Research Projects.