O8 Lectures

08 – Lectures about sustainable food systems to be given by the students in schools 

The output refers to the activity ‘Lectures in Schools’ organized in all SUSPLUS partner countries in Feb-Apr 2018, involving university students and secondary schools classes. Selected students prepared lectures in topics covering various aspects of the sustainable food systems, to present, explain and share them with school pupils.

Under the heading of Sustainable Food Systems, students chose a variety of topics for their lectures, such as organic food, food production strategies and labels, environmental issues, water footprint, role and functions of soil, meat consumption, food and myth, diet sustainability, superfoods, food waste, slow food and many others.

Willing to avoid formal lectures, many students used innovative methods of teaching such as storytelling, video playing, tasting products, small group activities.

In the effect, this project output contains both the presentations on various sustainability aspects, but also syllabuses of interactive workshops carried out in schools.

Complete O8 output is available here: SUSPLUS_O8_Lectures in schools

O8 Students’ presentations are available here:

UCPH, Denmark-Lectures at Schools

WULS-Lectures at Schools-Superfoods

WULS-Lectures at Schools-Slow Food

WULS-Lectures at Schools-Organic food

WULS-Lectures at Schools-Food Loss & Waste

UPM, Spain-Lectures at Schools

Munster-Lectures at Schools

UNISG, Italy-Lectures at Schools

Isara-Lyon, France-Lectures at Schools

EULS, Estonia-Lectures at Schools

Syllabuses of O8 Students workshops are available here:

SUSPLUS-Workshops-Lectures in Schools-WULS

SUSPLUS-Workshops-Lectures in Schools-UPM

SUSPLUS-Workshops-Lectures in Schools-UNISG

SUSPLUS-Workshops-Lectures in Schools-UCHP

SUSPLUS-Workshops-Lectures in Schools-MUAS

SUSPLUS-Workshops-Lectures in Schools-ISARA

SUSPLUS-Workshops-Lectures in Schools-EULS

More information about this activity, the content of the educational materials developed, but
also the feedback of students, school pupils and teachers, has been reported in the O14 (Part 3)
intellectual output of the SUSPLUS project: SUSPLUS O14-3: Report on Lectures in Schools.