O2 SUS+ Booklet

O2 – Aspects of sustainable food systems – A guide for innovative education towards sustainable food systems

This booklet (Intellectual Output O2) addresses a wide range of aspects on sustainable food systems. Thirteen authors from 8 universities in Europe (Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain) share insights and learnings. Recommended for use in secondary and tertiary education, for students and lecturers, scholars and teachers, as well as for all interested participants and stakeholders of our food systems.

SUS+ Booklet

The question how to make our food systems more sustainable is very complex. It includes complexity of challenges both in environment and in all spheres of human activity (social, technical, etc.). Furthermore, the complexity of changes needed is part of the problem. Here we mean complexity in the sense of the interlinkages between items and the potential rebounds/effects down the lines. With complexity of the problem we also mean that it is difficult to understand fully the web of interrelated issues. This complexity will carry over into teaching. Developing approaches for innovative education towards sustainable food systems is therefore a challenge. In this book we try to enter sustainable food systems from different points and introduce various important issues.